What does it mean that the CFPCMcertification program in India has transitioned to FPSB Ltd.?

Effective 1 April 2019, the CFP certification program in India is directly administered by U.S.-based Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.(FPSB Ltd.), owner of the international CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCMcertification program outside the United States. FPSB Ltd. is the sole entity in India with authority to:

  • Authorize education providers to offer CFP education courses;
  • Authorize a CFP certification exam administrator in India; and
  • Award CFP certification to those who successfully complete CFP education, CFP exam and other CFP certification requirements.

Will my accreditation through SEBI/NISM be impacted as a result of this transition?

FPSB Ltd. has already received and is working on the application from SEBI/NISM to apply for accreditation of the CFP exam as a certification exam for investment advisors. The current accreditation of the program delivered through FPSB India is valid until 30 June 2019; FPSB Ltd. anticipates having our application to NISM completed and approved by then. CFP professionals should experience no disruption to their recognition status with SEBI/NISM.

CFP Professionals

How do I submit my continuing professional development (CPD) points to FPSB Ltd.?

You can access your account via the Online Certification Management System (OCMS) portal?to update the system with information on recently completed continuing professional development (CPD) points. FPSB Ltd. is also working with several CPD/conference providers in India to streamline the CPD reporting process and will provide an update later in the year. For more information on the activities and programs admissible for CPD points, click here.

When will the next Financial Planning Journal be available? How will it be delivered?

FPSB Ltd. is pleased to present the first edition of the Journal of Financial Planning in India! In this edition, CFP professionals will find a collection of insightful articles authored by industry experts and academics within FPSB Ltd.’s global network. We understand that continuing professional development (CPD) is of great importance to you as you seek to enhance your skills and retain your CFP certification. So, we’ve built in a CPD quiz that provides four CPD points for CFP certification renewal.

We hope this journal and future editions will become a staple in furthering your professional development and connecting you to the global financial planning profession.

When will I get my CFP certification certificate showing that I’m currently certified by FPSB Ltd.?

In early June, FPSB Ltd. began issuing new digital credentials to all current CFP professionals in India. Consisting of a digital certificate and a digital badge, FSPB Ltd.’s online credentialing system will replace the paper certificates issued to you in the past. However, should you wish to print and frame your certificate from FSPB Ltd., you will have an option to do so.

Your digital credential for CFP certification, which is blockchain-verified to help prevent fraud, will allow people to securely and easily verify your CFP certification status across all types of online platforms, including your email signature, website, blog, LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts. FPSB Ltd. is pleased to offer this technology to CFP professionals in India, and will provide additional information on how to leverage these digital credentials to highlight your achievements as a CFP professional at the time of delivery.

Is it possible to transfer my CFP certification to a different territory?

Yes. When a CFP professional wants to practice financial planning using the CFP marks in more than one territory, the CFP professional must become certified to use the CFP marks in each territory where the CFP professional intends to practice. If a practitioner becomes certified in more than one territory, he or she must abide by the certification renewal requirements of the FPSB affiliate organization in each territory, and will also be subject to oversight by the FPSB affiliate organization in each territory.

For more information on requirements in a specific territory, please refer to that territory’s specific website. For a list of FPSB affiliate organizations, please see

Students/ Candidates

Is my Education Provider authorized with FPSB Ltd.?

FPSB Ltd. has entered into agreements with several Authorized Education Providers to provide financial planning education courses that fulfill the education requirement of FPSB Ltd.’s CFP certification program in India, as well as prepare individuals to sit for CFP exams (administered by NSE Academy in India).

What is the student registration process under FPSB Ltd.?

Through at least 31 March 2020, FPSB Ltd. plans to maintain the same student registration process as was in place over the past year. FPSB Ltd. has finalized a new contract with NSE Academy, and, as of 24 June, CFP exams are now available again through the NSE exam portal.

I previously paid FPSB India a registration fee to be able to sit for one or more CFP exams? Is that fee still valid or do I have to pay a new registration fee to FPSB Ltd.?

FPSB Ltd. will not require a new registration fee for students who had registered with NSE Academy for CFP exams during the period of 1 January 2017 through 31 March 2019.

Can I register for a CFP exam now?

Yes, CFP exams are now available through the NSE exam portal. Individuals who are verified by FPSB Ltd. as being students of an Authorized Education Provider, and who had previously registered with NSE Academy during the period of 1 January 2017 through 31 March 2019, can register for one or more CFP exams for no additional registration fee until 31 March 2020.

If I am a self-study candidate, can I still sit for the CFP exams?

FPSB Ltd. has opened a 90-day registration window for self-study candidates. From 16 September until 16 December 2019, self-study candidates are able to register with FPSB Ltd. as a candidate for CFP certification and then apply to NSE Academy to sit for CFP exams. For more information, please refer to the new student registration process.

Will the cost of the education courses change in India?

FPSB Ltd. does not set the pricing or fees for education courses in India. Each Authorized Education Provider establishes its own course cost and pricing.

Will the cost of registering to sit for the CFP exams change in India?

FPSB Ltd. will not require a new registration fee for students who had previously registered with NSE Academy for CFP exams during the period of 1 January 2017 through 31 March 2019.

Will the cost of the CFP exams change in India?

Until 31 March 2020, the fees for CFP exams (1 – 5) in India will remain the same as they were over the past year.

Will the cost of the CFP certification change in India?

Until 31 March 2020, the basic renewal fee for CFP certification in India will be USD100, which is equivalent to the renewal fee in INR in recent years.

Does FPSB Ltd. provide AFP (Associate Financial Planner) certification?

FPSB Ltd. does not offer AFP certification at this time; we encourage you to instead pursue CFP certification. We will provide an update on the availability of this designation by 31 March 2020, but in the meantime, should you have questions, you can contact us at [email protected].