Transition to FPSB Ltd.’s New Pathway Curriculum to CFPCM Certification (Notice)

Candidates under the Legacy Program have the opportunity to transition to the new program from
5th April 2021 through 31st Dec 2021.

Candidates will be granted credit for legacy exams passed as follows:

Legacy Program New Program
Exam 3 Investment Planning Investment Planning
Exam 2 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits & Exam 4 Tax and Estate Planning Retirement and Tax Planning
Exam 1 Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning & Exam 4 Tax and Estate Planning Risk and Estate Planning
Legacy Exams 1,2,3,4 Investment Planning, Retirement and Tax Planning, Risk and Estate Planning

Candidates who chose to transfer to the new program will be granted credit for exams passed on the basis of above matrix, and thus will be exempted to pass a particular Specialist exam which qualifies as per above matrix.  Transfer candidates will be able to continue to take additional courses in the new program.  For example, if credit is given for Investment Planning, candidates may choose to continue with the Risk and Estate Planning and/or Retirement and Tax Planning courses.  Candidates who have passed all 4 legacy exams may choose to continue with the Integrated Financial Planning course.  

Candidates with credit towards a specialist course may choose to certify as a specialist.  Requirements for specialist certification include taking an ethics course, attesting to ethics guidelines, and paying a certification fee.  For more information see .