Key aspects

  • The FPSB Integrated Financial Planning course is part of the education pathway to the final CFPCM Certification Exam. Like each Specialist course, it shall be available in MyFPSBLearning (LMS) of the Education Provider, and the student, when he/she successfully passes all the three Specialist courses. Legacy students who have passed all the four legacy exams (Exam 1-4) can also apply for the FPSB Integrated Financial Planning course.
  • It has three Modules – Financial Planning Principles, Engaging Clients, and Developing Financial Plans.
  • Two modes of education are available to the students who want to study the course: (i) instructor-led learning (through Education Providers), and (ii) self-paced learning
  • Unlike the three Specialist Courses, there is no attestation required from the Education Provider to a student indicating his/her completion of course. No mock test or practice test is required to check a self-paced candidate’s readiness to appear in the CFPCM Certification Exam.
  • The culmination of FPSB Integrated Financial Planning course lies in every student constructing a hypothetical financial plan and submitting the same to FPSB for assessment, which is labelled as “Financial Plan Assessment”.
  • FPSB appointed assessors, who are experienced CFPCM practitioners, shall be vested with the role of assessing and grading the student’s financial plans.
  • If the assessed financial plan is graded successful, the student can sit for the CFPCM Certification Exam (the Integrated Financial Plan Exam). Otherwise, he/she is asked to resubmit a fresh financial plan or refurbish part of the already submitted financial plan.