FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist

Are you ready for a world-class learning experience brought to you by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., the standards setting body for the global financial planning profession? Taken either online or with an instructor, the FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist course prepares you to develop strategies to help clients optimize their wealth accumulation and cash flow leading up to and during retirement, and to advise on the role of tax planning in supporting client goals.

The course teaches you to consider your clients’ personal financial goals, risk tolerance and risk capacity, asset locations, the structure and impact of public and private retirement plans, and how taxation will affect your clients’ financial situation and goals. To be recognized by employers, clients and the public for your superior skills and knowledge in retirement and tax planning, complete the roadmap below to obtain FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist certification in India. For complete program details please refer to the FPSB Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Guide.

1Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Principles
  • Retirement Objectives
  • Retirement Needs, Analysis and Projections
  • Sources of Retirement Cash Flow
  • Retirement Cash Flow, Withdrawal Projections and Strategies
2Tax Planning and Optimization
  • International Taxation
  • Cross Border and Source Rules
  • Tax Strategies
  • Accounting Standards and Research

Education Modes

There are three potential modes to fulfill the education requirement and become eligible for the exam:

1) Instructor-Led Education Mode

  • In order to successfully complete this mode, enroll with an FPSB Ltd. Authorized Education Provider.
  • Coursework should generally be completed in 8-12 weeks (depending on hours/course and frequency throughout the week).

2) Self-Paced Education Mode

  • FPSB Ltd. provides educational materials in an online platform, including textbook content, PowerPoint outlines, quizzes, and practice tests, that align to the learning objectives and prepare a student to sit for the exam. Students must pass the FPSB Ltd. quizzes for each chapter, as well as the post-module tests for each of the three modules, to be eligible to successfully complete the education component.

3) Recognition of Prior Learning Mode

  • Individuals may apply to FPSB Ltd. for exemption from the instructor-led or self-paced education modes. This status is granted upon proof that the individual holds any of the following linked qualifications or certifications. If this waiver is accepted, individuals may bypass the education and prove eligibility to sit for the exam by successfully passing the prequalification exam in the FPSB Ltd. online platform.

Exam Information

The 2-hour, 75 multiple-choice question, computer-based test is based on a specification developed from the FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Competency profile (see the FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Exam Blueprint for more information).

From date of enrollment with FPSB Ltd., students have three years to complete the education course and pass the exam.

The student must be verified to have completed the education requirement (through one of the three modes above) to be eligible to take the exam.

FPSB® Retirement and Tax Specialist Certification Opportunity

To be recognized by employers, clients and the public as an FPSB® Investment Planning Specialist, candidates will need to:

  • Complete the education course
  • Complete Global FPSB Ltd.’s Ethics Course
  • Pass the 2 hour exam
  • Complete Global FPSB Ltd.’s Ethics Attestation and Professional Responsibility to obtain FPSB’s certifications.
  • Pay an annual certification fee
Pricing Information
  • Student Registration US$195 / Education Exempt Registration: US$220 (valid for 365 days; valid across all courses available)
  • FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Course Materials: US$70
  • FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Certification Exam: US$72
  • FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Annual Certification: US$105