Position: Junior Financial Planner (Manager)

No. of Position: 1
Company: Guardian Capital Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (part of Guardian Holdings) www.gcia.in, www.guardianholdings.in
Qualification: Undergraduate degree in accounting, BComm, CFP, or pursuing CFP certification
Experience: Freshers welcome
Salary Expectation: 25K to 30K / month as an analyst, salary increased when promoted to senior manager position based on performance (1 year)
 Job Description:
  • Assist in making and presenting financial plans (using excel and powerpoint)
  • Train under the senior financial planner
  • Assist in conducting research on equities
  • Assist in conducting research on mutual funds
  • Create financial models, graphs etc., to showcase research
  • Work with both, the financial planning and the research teams
Skills that are absolutely necessary for the job:
  • Ease with using a computer
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting—must have studied accounting in university
  • Experienced with using MS Excel and MS PowerPoint for university/internships
  • Knowledgeable about using the internet to conduct research
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. All of our work and research is done in English so an excellent grasp of the English language is absolutely necessary for the job.
About the Company:Guardian Capital Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is a young company—and yet we’ve grown exponentially fast. In a span of three years, we now operate three separate entities: GCIA—for retail clients, GCS—accounting and other financial consulting services for institutional clients, and GAM—our own portfolio management services fund. We’re not looking for experience for this role—we’re looking for someone with the right attitude, someone entrepreneurial, and someone with vision—for themselves and for the world around them.
Company website www.gcia.in, www.guardianholdings.inInterested candidates forward your CVs to Ms. _K Bhattarai at [email protected], [email protected]
Hiring Manager Details:

Ms. K Bhattarai

[email protected], [email protected]