Authorised Consultant

Full Time
Bahrain – Middle East

Company Name: Nexus Financial Services WLL

Company Website:

Company Profile: Nexus group is the largest Independent Financial Advisory with a pedigree that goes back over twenty years in the Bahrain and other Gulf States. Nexus Group has over 400 qualified professional consultants and is actively supported by over 105 dedicated and qualified management and support staff globally offering a broad range of licensed products from regulated providers.

Each member of the Nexus Group is appropriately regulated by the relevant regulator for the provision of life insurance, savings plans, employee benefits, general insurance, and various classes of commercial insurance. We advise both corporate and individual clients.

Job Profile & Responsibilities:

To advise clients and prospects about their financial planning needs in such a way as to strengthen your relationship and make sales.

  • To meet qualified prospects to secure new business.
  • To service existing clients to ensure current policies are persistent and new business (e.g. increments; cross-sales; general insurance business) is written; to elicit referrals.
  • To create new business relationships with introducers/partners resulting in regular business introductions from them.
  • To develop existing business relationships with introducers/partners, resulting in growing numbers of business introductions from them.
  • To maintain and enhance your technical and sales knowledge.
  • To meet or exceed standards of business quality.

Qualifications: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER / Diploma in Financial Planning – CII UK / ALMI – LOMA USA

Desired Candidate: we believe these attributes are essential to success in the role.

A. Knowledge

  • Business Development knowing: how to run a business to generate income and profit.
  • Technical Expertise: Knowing how to apply product and market knowledge to solve client problems.

B. Skills

  • Personal Impact: Presenting an acceptable appearance and confident manner, appropriate to your client’s Situation.
  • Communication: Presenting your ideas fluently, clearly and vividly. Conducting well prepared presentations.
  • Listening and Developing Rapport: Listening attentively and hearing the underlying meaning to develop and maintain rapport.
  • Direct Persuasion: Closing and persuading prospects and clients to adopt a particular course of action. Overcoming Objections.
  • Relationship Building: Using your contacts to build your business through referrals and recommendations.

C. Characteristics

  • Exploiting Opportunities: Taking advantage of opportunities.
  • Perseverance: Reacting to obstacles positively by remaining calm and working hard.
  • Achievement Drive: Working productively without supervision: meeting work-related goals on a regular basis.

Additional Details: Work experience of at least 3 years, experience in the area of financial planning / wealth management / Insurance sales would be an advantage.

Salary Range: Income tax free remuneration plus commission. Visa, Medical & Life insurance.

Hiring Manager Details:

[email protected]